Attorney Review & Success Story by Marjory C.

  • Marjory C.
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Real Estate, Housing & Property Law
  • Membership has consistently given me clients.
  • LegalMatch was my sole source for clients during COVID.
  • Regularly receive over 10 leads per week and 40% turn into clients.

Literally, the first day we signed with LegalMatch, we had clients in the office.

LegalMatch Provided Us With Clients on Day 1

I joined LegalMatch in 2013 after a financial crisis. My clients had decreased tremendously. One of my interns found LegalMatch and we went ahead and subscribed to a membership. We signed up with one of LegalMatch’s representatives and the customer service was excellent. He reached out to us and made sure that we would succeed. Literally, the first day we signed with LegalMatch, we had clients in the office.

At some point, the volume became so large that I had to turn it down. My membership though has consistently given me clients. I would recommend LegalMatch and would suggest getting an assistant to work on the leads.

If an attorney is a solo practitioner who doesn’t have staff, my recommendation would be to carve some time during the day to go through the leads. That way, I believe that an attorney will have a high percentage of success.

I’m happy with LegalMatch because my goal is to have a consistent flow of regular clients through LegalMatch. I’ve been able to have that and every week I have leads. I have people coming to the office right now. We’re receiving clients on a regular basis, and so my membership provides me a tool in terms of growing my firm’s business, consistently.

Sustainable Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID pandemic, I only started to have clients again in April and we grew. Now we are poised to do way better, to go faster after the pandemic, but when it started, it was scary. I was 100% brick and mortar before. Now, almost all of us are working remotely. We have three employees who go to the office on a regular basis. Most of my other staff are remote, and our estates practice has grown tremendously.

LegalMatch has positively impacted my business. Before COVID, I was receiving clients on a regular basis. At the height of the COVID pandemic, LegalMatch was my sole source of marketing. Before, I was not online at all. I was totally brick and mortar and most of my clients were referrals. During the pandemic, my sole source for clients was LegalMatch. That process of course continued to grow and we kept getting more clients from LegalMatch.

Effectively Using the LegalMatch Lead Generation Portal

I have a sales coordinator using the LegalMatch system. Every day, the first thing we do is check our LegalMatch account and see if we had leads overnight. Our account manager advised us to respond within 24 hours. We call the client to see if they need to ask more questions and usually we give them answers within 48 hours.

LegalMatch has served us well. Whether you are an attorney who’s trying to grow your firm, or just starting and need to find new leads, LegalMatch will provide those leads. These leads should be attended to. You have to follow up with potential clients. It’s a no-brainer to have a lead generation portal like LegalMatch at the attorney’s disposal to work from.

I highly recommend that you have a paralegal to process your leads. If you have someone dedicated to it, you follow up with leads immediately. Always inform the client if it’s okay for you to call within 24 hours. Most often we’ll sign on a client that way. There may be a client who is not ready to pay the usual amount. You could do financing and a solid agreement. This is the best way because the clients will refer you to other clients. The goal is that once a lead becomes a client, it works best to continue to serve that client.

LegalMatch has the portal ready and available and the leads are constantly coming. I don’t have to go after the leads, the leads are there. The only thing that I have to do is process the leads.

As attorneys, we’re doing business and we want to serve the most clients possible. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to have a portal that’s giving leads. I haven’t had any other lead generating system. LegalMatch is my first and only one. I don’t know how other systems compare because I have not personally used any other. I didn’t want to have another lead generation system and not be able to serve clients properly.

Started with Three Services, Down to One

When I just started with LegalMatch, I had LegalMatch and three others. I had to pass on the others because they were costing me a lot of money and I had no leads from them. When they did have leads and when you called those leads, they would tell you they didn’t need your services. Or they would tell us, “We thought it was for free.” So we just stayed with LegalMatch.

We receive multiple referrals a week. We process at least 10 referrals a week, but we receive more than that. At least 40% of the leads that we process turn into clients.

Now, I have a lot of high-value cases from LegalMatch in New Orleans. We are still in court with all of them. I think I’ve hit seven figures with LegalMatch cases.

LegalMatch is Consistent

I like LegalMatch’s consistency. I have a marketing plan and LegalMatch is at the top. What I like about it is it’s certain that I’m going to have leads. I don’t know how many attorneys are in the areas I have signed up for, but what I know is that I always find clients because they are not saturated. I was promised from the inception of my relationship with LegalMatch that they would ensure that there are leads for everybody. I like the credibility they have.