Attorney Review & Success Story by Randy F.

  • Randy F.
  • Plantation, FL
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Provides clients throughout the pandemic.
  • The support system is good.
  • Been using LegalMatch for 10 years now.

I usually get three to five leads in a day and I get at least 20 a week. Half of those lead to something beyond the initial consultation. It’s very good!

Half of My Clients Are From LegalMatch

I've been an Employment Attorney for 30 years. My practice area is on employment discrimination and civil rights issues. I’ve had unemployment cases, as well.

I get a lot of clients from LegalMatch. I don't think I can even run my business without these clients. Probably, more than half of my clients are from LegalMatch, it’s wonderful!

I have used different lead generation systems and I have already canceled other systems, but I am still using LegalMatch for ten years now.

I like it that the people who need me can find me in LegalMatch and that's the most important thing. Clients can get to you! Clients who need me fill out their LegalMatch form. They send it to me and I get them. I answer them as quickly as possible and I make sure that I have a series of templates that I can use depending on what kind of question the client has. Most of them are pretty similar and I have 10 to 12 templates. Pretty much every client that I get from LegalMatch is based on the template that I send them.

LegalMatch Is a Good Investment

When you're a new attorney, you need to have clients coming in the door. People are not just going to refer you to clients because you have been a good attorney for so long. Because you're new, you need to get access to these people. You need to find clients and you need to spend some money to do that.

You can't do business without clients and I get a lot of clients from LegalMatch. That's where my business is. This is a good investment!

The most important thing is for attorneys to contact potential clients quickly and let them know about the case and why they are qualified. Lawyers can tell what their problem is and what kind of issue they have. Attorneys have to let the clients know that if they don't get back to them quickly, the office is going to contact them.

I usually get three to five leads in a day and I get at least 20 a week. Half of those lead to something beyond the initial consultation. It’s very good!

You need to let them know about the statutory limitations because that's always important. If you mention several statutes of limitations, that may help get them in the door quickly and get some urgency for the client.

The LegalMatch System Works Really Well

The LegalMatch system is really good and they keep good track of who's calling and who's coming in and what you have done with them. My staff uses the system to keep track of the clients. They use the system to try to speak to them and keep track of their responses. The system itself works really well.

I love that I can get these people and I know what their case is about before I talk to them. That's really important. It absolutely works out for me!

The support system is good. The account manager and other people in LegalMatch are very helpful. They are always sending me an email asking me how I’m doing and what's happening. They would always ask how they can help with what's going on. I rarely had a problem with the support system.

Thriving Even in This Pandemic

LegalMatch has continued to provide me clients throughout this pandemic. It has been very tough because people don't want to come out. I haven't had a client in the office since March. I do everything by phone or by Zoom. Even with this virus, people still have problems and they get on. So those things work well for me even in this coronavirus pandemic.