Remote Job Opportunities for New Law Grads Transitioning from School to Work


Recent law school graduates and attorneys who have been practicing law have experienced uncertainty and drastic changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration of bar exams around the country continues to be a concern for a number of states, which is causing a delay for many recent graduates attempting to obtain a law license. Furthermore, the closures at many firms led to reductions in pay, elimination of positions, furloughing of employees, and a decrease in new job openings.

Although there will be many changes and uncertain employment options for young lawyers coming out of law schools, there will still be plenty of opportunities to earn money. Here are some such opportunities available to new law graduates.

  1. Legal Writing and Research

    A passion for legal writing or legal research can be translated into extra income if you have those skills.

    If you have a knack for writing persuasive, powerful legal documents, you could write legal articles for legal publications, government institutions, or even companies looking to hire legal writers. You could also take on additional work through online marketplaces if you are excellent at conducting legal research.

  1. Writing an eBook

    You can write an eBook if you are passionate about writing or have unique knowledge that may be helpful or interesting to other legal professionals. This can help you build your brand as a legal expert.

    An eBook provides the convenience of self-publishing directly to Amazon’s Kindle marketplace for free — with a quick turnaround, no intermediary, and almost no overhead fees. You can generate passive income from an eBook once you’ve written it — you earn more over time, without doing anything extra.

  1. Legal Blogging/ Content Writing

    There have been legal blogging and content writing careers for some time now. It is the best way to stay abreast of legal developments. Additionally, frilly language has no application outside of law school because it only produces technical jargon.

    You will be able to reach a wide audience with the blogs you write. These can even be added to your resume as legitimate research activities. In this way, blogging contributes to personal development and resume building.

  1. Transcription Work

    Your skills and experience as a law graduate make you uniquely qualified to effectively and efficiently transcribe audio into well-written legal documents. Legal documents include pleadings, motions, depositions, and interviews conducted virtually or by videoconference.

    Moreover, online platforms like SpeakWrite, E-Typist, and Cambridge Transcriptions make it easy to find side hustle gigs: it is possible to do legal transcription remotely.

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal profession has been forced to adjust and evolve. Even so, there are opportunities for legal professionals to earn money, particularly if you think outside of the box and consider nontraditional careers.

    Whether you are a recent law school graduate or a young lawyer trying to find a job, take some time to explore the various options available to you. Opportunities to earn money during a pandemic and beyond are endless with perseverance, creativity, and the desire to succeed.