Legal Career Test

Our Career and Lifestyle test is intended to assist law students, lawyers, and attorneys in determining which possible legal career paths best fits their lifestyle choices.

The test is 9 questions long and the results will estimate which legal career paths may appeal to you the most.

What kind of schedule do you prefer?

Question 1 of 9

Where would you prefer to work?

Question 2 of 9

Would public recognition be a benefit or a burden as a result of your work?

Question 3 of 9

Would you rather work for the government or in the private sector?

Question 4 of 9

Would you rather work in-house for a company or as a consultant?

Question 5 of 9

Do you prefer to be creative in your work or more routine oriented?

Question 6 of 9

Do you want to be involved in the legal industry directly or indirectly?

Question 7 of 9

Do you enjoy problem solving?

Question 8 of 9

Do you prefer to work on a team or independently?

Question 9 of 9

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