LegalMatch Credibility and Legitimacy

Service and Company Overview

LegalMatch is a lead generating service platform to help licensed attorneys find and connect with potential clients. Unlike other sites offering similar online lead generation services, it does not utilize the traditional directory search model, but instead matches potential clients with attorneys located in a selected zip code. Anyone looking for legal services on LegalMatch is requested to fill out an intake form that gathers details of their legal needs. Upon submission, a case is created in the system and is sent out instantly to Legalmatch lawyers in the area indicated. The lawyers could then readily review the detailed case intake and decide whether they want to reach out to the potential client.

LegalMatch thus not only provides the lawyers with a steady stream of potential cases, it also saves time and effort for clients as they conveniently receive responses for their online inquiry.

I was promised from the inception of my relationship with LegalMatch that they would ensure that there are leads for everybody [member attorneys]. I like the credibility they have. Marjory C., Real Estate Law

According to compiled statistics, the most successful LegalMatch lawyers respond immediately after a client posts their case or within the same hour. If According to compiled statistics, the most successful LegalMatch lawyers respond immediately after a client posts their case or within the same hour. If the client finds the match agreeable, they can then work out the details of consultations and payment schemes. the client finds the match agreeable, they can then work out the details of consultations and payment schemes.

Established in 1999, LegalMatch started as a free, web-based exchange helping individuals and small businesses to make educated decisions when picking a lawyer. It has grown since then to become one of the industry leaders in attorney-client matching services. It has been featured and reviewed as a top lead generation service for lawyers in the USA.

Screening and Feedback

To maintain credibility, an executive review committee thoroughly screens all the lawyers who apply for membership. LegalMatch ensures that every single one of its member attorneys is licensed and in good standing with the local or state bar association. The quality of the entire LegalMatch roster is a credit to the skill of individual members and attracts more solid leads.

Complimenting this stringent screening is a feedback feature that allows clients to leave a rating and/or a review for the lawyers that they have worked with. These reviews will be posted on the website for the public to read. As more positive feedback is posted, everyone is given a credibility boost, from the Legalmatch site to the member attorneys and law firm themselves.

LegalMatch BBB Accreditation

LegalMatch has been operating for over 2 decades. It was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in May 2013. BBB is acknowledged as the leader in marketplace trust nationwide. BBB sets the standards, encourages documentation and replication of best practices, recognizes role models and creates a community of trustworthy businesses. Two core values that BBB promotes are integrity and performance, recognizing individual ethics and track record in delivery of industry-standard services.

LegalMatch currently holds an “A” rating under the BBB, and actively responds to concerns and complaints posted in the BBB website by consumers and lawyers. By closing these feedback loops, LegalMatch recognizes the value of client satisfaction and constructive criticism as essential to a human-centered learning culture.

LegalMatch Online Reviews

In consumer review website Trustpilot, LegalMatch has a “Great” rating based on over 2,000 reviews, majority of which show an “Excellent” feedback from consumers.

Meanwhile, LegalMatch boasts of a 4 out of 5 stars rating in SiteJabber, another web-based platform that assists consumers to avoid potential scams and find reputable and reliable online businesses. LegalMatch was awarded the Customer Choice Award by SiteJabber in 2017 and is currently ranked 3rd among the legal sites featured on the platform (with the top two being law firm websites).

Clio, a top legal software company, listed LegalMatch in 2020 as among the best lead generation services for lawyers. It cited its unique matching approach in providing attorney leads compared to the directory-type approach, search engine visibility (via website content optimization), and the site’s ease-of-use for both lawyers and customers.

This LegalMatch set up is very unique. I just don’t like all the other lead generating systems. The way LegalMatch is designed is perfect for me. I think it’s the most productive lead generating system! Ann V., Family Law

In November 2020, popular online lending marketplace for small businesses Fundera, also reviewed LegalMatch, emphasizing how quick the platform responds to help consumers find qualified and licensed attorneys. It pointed out in particular the satisfaction guarantee offer, where LegalMatch is willing to pay consumers up to $1000 in case they fall into a dispute (with the hired member lawyers) that customer service reps could not resolve.

LegalMatch Testimonials

With over 5 million consumers posting their cases in the platform, LegalMatch has already helped countless people match up with the right lawyer for their legal concern. Many have commended the platform for giving them the chance to confidentially share their legal concerns to legitimate and credible law professionals. The LegalMatch site employs the latest security measure technology to enforce data privacy and identity confidentiality, in keeping with its privacy policies.

Not only has LegalMatch garnered positive reviews from consumers, but its member attorneys across the country have also offered detailed testimonials manifesting their gratitude and approval of the service. At the moment, LegalMatch holds a 95% satisfaction rating from lawyers using the platform. The website features quite a number of attorney reviews and success stories.

LegalMatch is extremely responsive, even proactive, in providing those resources, so that I feel like I’m not alone out there doing this. To me that is the biggest advantage of LegalMatch as compared with the other lead generation systems I’ve looked at. Daniel M., Business – Litigation

LegalMatch is NOT a Referral Service

A common perception of LegalMatch is that it is a lawyer referral service. To make the distinction, a lawyer referral service receives calls/requests from potential clients seeking legal aid and are then referred to attorneys that can assist them. This is not how the LegalMatch system works.

LegalMatch uses a double-blind matching system where consumers can submit their legal concern via the platform and Member Attorneys can directly interact with them without the need of an intermediary or “operator” to refer the client to the attorney. This cuts time and costs for both lawyers and clients.

It is important to note though that LegalMatch California, a subsidiary of LegalMatch, is a Certified Lawyer Referral Service by the California State Bar which operates in all California counties.

Find Out More

For more information on ethical issues and compliance as well as state bar requirements for LegalMatch membership, you may visit our Ethics FAQs page. Meanwhile, for details on how LegalMatch works, go to our general FAQs page.