Why Use the Services of a Legal Marketing Firm


The challenges that come with managing and growing a law firm are hard enough as it is, but the ever-evolving trends of marketing can make it even more difficult. Increasing the size of your clientele requires a strong online presence and a reliable system for reaching your target market. Having an in-house marketing team might not be enough, especially in a highly competitive industry. Hiring the services of legal marketing experts is the better choice, and here’s why. 

Save Time and Money  

Hiring an in-house marketing team takes up a lot of your resources when you consider the hiring process, the training costs, and office space and equipment. Consider also any wasted time spent if you mistakenly hire someone who does not meet your expectations and does not have the expertise you require. New hires also usually take time to fit into the work culture and environment of your law firm, and in the worst case, may even disrupt the synergy already established.

These issues do not exist if you outsource to legal marketing firms because: 

  1. You pay for a subscription or inclusive package. 
  2. There are no training costs because you are already hiring industry experts. 
  3. All equipment, including systems, are already provided by the marketing firm. 
  4. You can immediately gauge whether a marketing company can meet your needs through case studies and proposals provided by the firm. 
  5. The marketing team is independent from the law firm and there is no necessity to adjust to the work culture of the firm.

This way, you do not have to worry too much about internal expenditures, and only spend on marketing efforts that are far more likely to get you the results you want. Outsourcing marketing is cost-effective and efficient. 

Getting Insight from Industry Experts 

The best law firms are known for the quality of their legal services. They are known for successfully handling settlements or cases in their areas of practice, and protecting their clients’ interests. However, providing excellent legal services does not necessarily translate to knowing how to market them. In fact, high-performing small law firms might not obtain the clientele size they deserve because their marketing strategies are not effective.

Partnering with a legal marketing company can make a huge impact because of the expertise and insight it can provide to law firms in growing their practice. As industry experts, legal marketers have years of research and experience on how to get more clients through strategic digital marketing. They know the best practices, and how to choose a solution for your particular circumstance. Importantly, they are on top of the latest marketing trends so they know when and how to evolve in a very dynamic digital age. Essentially, what you are paying for are years of experience and proven methods of success.  

Access to the Best Lead Generation Systems 

More than giving you advice on the best course of action, the best legal marketing agency has built systems that make it easy to connect lawyers with prospects, and to turn those prospects into clients. A good system provides a steady stream of potential new clients in your geographical area who have legal issues in your field of practice. It also bridges the lawyers and prospects through easy-to-access communication channels.

This system includes not only access to a constant influx of leads, but also a great support staff to guide law firms whenever they encounter any challenges in the course of using the service. A legal marketing consultant will also provide you with relevant data to track the growth of your clientele. 

Enhance The Quality of Your Service 

Keeping the marketing processes independent from the core of the law firm benefits the firm because it leaves more room to focus on its core competencies and functions. This includes more resources spent on the continuing legal education of the lawyers, or investing in better strategies to improve the quality of legal services. It also allows for better information systems to keep clients informed, or introducing tech-based solutions to administrative tasks.

Smaller firms particularly benefit from outsourcing marketing because growing the practice demands more of their resources and time. There are also inherent limitations in having fewer people because that means the firm can only work on a certain number of things at a time which should be devoted to the most important agenda items. Having to worry about marketing can introduce inefficiencies that would otherwise not exist if a legal marketing company was hired instead.

How LegalMatch Can Help Accomplish These Benefits

The primary benefit LegalMatch has given to my firm is lead generation. I can find clients who have the need for an attorney, but who wouldn’t necessarily know how to find me on the internet. I can go right to them. Angel L., Administrative Law, Seattle, WA

LegalMatch is a legal marketing agency that provides member lawyers with an excellent lead generation system through providing a steady flow of local clients. This reduces the need to take on cases in peripheral areas so that you can focus on your preferred area of practice. Using attorney-client matching, the lawyer obtains relevant information that is normally acquired during an initial consultation. This provides an opportunity to assess whether the legal concerns of a prospect fall within a lawyer’s area of expertise before any actual communication happens.  

It also features the following: 

  • Intake questionnaires that are designed by the member lawyers themselves in order for them to acquire the most pertinent data. 
  • Customization by legal category. 
  • A system that allows lawyers to respond to clients instantly, including device support for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Blackberry. 
  • Immediate notification of new posted matters. 
  • Access to an unlimited number of fully customizable templates for quick, targeted responses to clients. 

Numerous lawyers who worked with LegalMatch have seen a positive impact on the growth of their practice, and how it has allowed them to maximize their firm resources for improving their practice. Traditional marketing is no longer enough. Hiring the right legal marketing partner is the competitive edge you need.