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Family Law

Legal Ease - Site to See The Oprah Magazine

"Divorce, custody, alimony – all of these require legal counsel, yet often women have no idea where to find it because they lack the networks through which to seek a referral. One solution is, an Internet attorney-client matchmaker."

Be My Anti-Valentine USA Today featuring Legalmatch

"After all, divorces, prenuptial agreements and annulments historically spike around Valentine's Day — 36%, 28% and 21% respectively in 2005, according to — so why not archly acknowledge the holiday's less-romantic side with a T-shirt that proclaims 'Cupid can't aim'?"

Feb. 14 Big Date for Filing Divorce The Arizona Republic

"When relationships go south, thousands of people go to, an Internet legal-matching service. The San-Francisco-based company said the number of people looking for attorneys to help with divorces and annulments shoots up around Valentine's Day."

Valentine's Day Backlash The 33TV - KDAF Dallas

"LegalMatch has seen the number of divorce filings around Valentine's Day increase every year since 2003. In 2010, the number of filings before Valentine's Day jumped 12%. In 2009 that number was 18%."

'Be My Ex-Valentine Daily Breeze

"Ken LaMance of the online lawyer referral service calls this the 'Valentine Effect,' prompting an abnormal rise in divorce cases around Feb. 14."

'Til Valentine's Day do us part

"LegalMatch has noticed a surge in calls to lawyers after other holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas (both for domestic abuse cases) and July 4 (drunk driving arrests.)"

Valentine's Day gifts now include divorce papers

"LegalMatch, a San Francisco-based Internet company that matches clients to attorneys, has coined the term the "Valentine's Effect" in order to describe the surge in requests for divorce attorneys that are made about two weeks prior to Valentine's Day each year."

Criminal Law

With Zimmerman, Dueling 911 Calls Raise Questions ABC News

From his experience in the Trayvon Martin case, it's clear that Zimmerman knew his 911 call would be both a powerful evidentiary and public relations tool, says Ken LaMance of San Francisco, general counsel for

''So it's almost as if he's making a statement about the case beforehand — especially if he's not planning on testifying in the future'' says LaMance. ''It allows him to speak without the fear of cross-examination. So if he can get his side out, and in a clear way, he never has to face the other side asking him questions or follow-ups.''

But LaMance says it's also safe to assume that Scheibe knew any allegations she made against her infamous boyfriend would immediately go viral — as would her 911 recording.

The nanny-cam — friend or foe? The Examiner

"According to LegalMatch, recording a video is legal but it is illegal in Pennsylvania to record someone’s voice without their knowledge and permission."

Help For Battered Women Oxygen Magazine

"If you know a woman who may be battered, tell her about LegalMatch, a free online resource that helps connect women [and men] with links to legal resources and information, as well as access to a network of thousands of attorneys."

Real Estate Law

Alderman hits fast-track rezones The Regional News

"Setback ordinances, according to the LegalMatch Law Library, 'are property laws governing property lines and boundaries. A setback is the minimum distance from a property line that a building can be built.'"

Real Estate Often Calls for Legal Advice Realty Times

"Sited most frequently by LegalMatch users as the time when they would consider hiring legal representation is when they are buying or selling a property. And why not? Real estate deals certainly can be tricky."

Business Law

NASSCO soars with 7th tanker contract UT San Diego

The Jones Act is an historic piece of federal maritime legislation that improved health, safety and employment conditions for merchant marines. said the act also "requires ships traveling between United States ports to be constructed by United States companies and owned by a United States company or citizen. Members of the ships’ crews must be United States citizens or legal aliens."

Xbox One and the first-sale doctrine: there is no silver bullet for protecting used games Penny Arcade

“The consumer has a right to wholly re-sell what they own without paying any sort of fee, licensing or otherwise, to the original company… and the second-hand buyer can buy without needing to pay a separate fee to the original seller,” said Ken Lamance

Don't Shy Away From Hiring A Lawyer Business Week Online

"A good business attorney will bring to light a lot of the risks in your company's formation and in your contracts with employees, customers, and vendors. These are risks most business people overlook because they are, quite rightly, focused on the success of their business, not its potential failure."

Matching Up by Internet The National Law Journal featuring Legalmatch

"In the past I have spent days locating legal services tailored to my specific needs. LegalMatch allowed me to satisfy these needs with a lawyer interested in supporting my level of business."

Employment Law

Rise in Termination Suits Follows Wave of Layoffs Daily Journal

"LegalMatch, an online service that matches clients to lawyers, logged a 32 percent increase in wrongful termination cases and a 34 percent rise in employment discrimination cases in California from 2007 to 2008."

Bust Is a Boom for Employment Lawyers California Lawyer

"Comparing December 2008 to the previous year, LegalMatch saw 38 percent more referrals for employment discrimination, 36 percent more inquiries alleging wrongful termination, 26 percent more wage-and-overtime cases, and 17 percent more pension or benefit disputes."

Online Legal Matching

FTC Signs Off on Net Legal Referrals The National Law Journal featuring Legalmatch

"The FTC said that the Internet-based client/attorney matching services (like LegalMatch) have the potential to lower consumer costs of obtaining information about the price and quality of legal services, which is likely to lead to more intense competition among attorneys, ultimately benefiting Texas consumers."

Think you can't think outside the box? Think Again Miami Herald

"Through Google I discovered several online client/lawyer-matching services. I preferred -- it's free, fast, easy to use and protects your privacy. You create a case presentation by answering questions just as a lawyer would during an initial consultation."

The Future of Client Acquisition Is Upon Us featuring Legalmatch

"Many key states have addressed this issue of ethics directly, an action precipitated by the industry and, specifically, by LegalMatch, which also was instrumental in spearheading the recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finding on online legal matching."

Attorney-Client Matchmakers California Lawyer

"Though attorney feedback about these new services indicates that many are still a work in progress, earlier lawyer-matching startups—such as,, and—have managed to climb in the Alexa rankings."

Texas Attorneys Can Participate In Online Legal Matching Service Texas Lawyer

"Lawyers can pay a fee to participate in an online service (like LegalMatch) that matches subscribing lawyers with potential clients, as long as the service exercises no discretion in those match ups, the Professional Ethics Committee for the State Bar of Texas has determined."

Attorney-Client Matching Services: An In-Depth Report Law Marketing Portal featuring Legalmatch

"That gives LegalMatch an edge in knowledge, results and staying in business over time. Additionally, their 'footprint' of bringing business to their members is almost certainly larger because they have more resources to drive business to their site than the others."

Lawyers use Web to help clients find LegalMatch In Business Las Vegas

"Some lawyers are turning to nontraditional ways of getting their names out there to potential clients. One venue is online, where, San Francisco-based LegalMatch, helps lawyers market their services to potential clients." Business in Las Vegas.

Online Legal Matching e-Commerce Law & Strategy Law Journal featuring Legalmatch

"Actually, online legal matching has been around since 1999, when LegalMatch of San Francisco started matching attorneys to clients based on key factors."

FTC Signs Off on Internet Legal Referrals The National Law Journal featuring Legalmatch

"While the State Bar of Texas seemingly frowns on its business practice, an Internet legal referral service that promises to match lawyers with potential clients is hoping to change the Bar's mind. And the online business, California-based LegalMatch, has found a powerful new supporter in its quest: the Federal Trade Commission."


Best online legal services for advice, will-making, divorce and more New York Post

"If you decide that your legal problem needs to be addressed by a live lawyer, the Internet can still help. LegalMatch is like ZocDoc for attorneys: you can find the right representation for your case, and it’s completely free. Plus, the site works like a “Wanted” ad."

Why Your New Business Needs a Lawyer Yesterday Entrepreneur

"The website LegalMatch is a great way to find a lawyer who is suited to your industry. You select from a directory a specific area of law and enter details about your case that will be posted in the database. Attorneys who are using the site and who might be interested in working will respond. This process weeds out lawyers and firms that don't have the specific expertise."

The Valentine's Effect? Forbes

"LegalMatch, which says it has thousands of attorneys in its network and matches tens of thousands of potential clients with participating attorneys each month, works by allowing people to fill out a form describing the kinds of legal services they need."

A Better Way to Market Your Practice Association of Trial Lawyers of America - Family Law Section

"From my extensive research, I discovered that the most effective and cost efficient way to generate clients through the Internet, by far, is by utilizing the services of LegalMatch, a client acquisition provider. Yes, I have tried other competitors."

Utah Bar Contracts with LegalMatch Daily Journal Extra

", a Web site headquartered in San Francisco, has contracted with the Utah State Bar to replace its lawyer referral system with referrals via LegalMatch."

Arranged Rainmaking ABA Journal featuring Legalmatch

"The Sacramento, Calif., solo practitioner says she's had to move to larger quarters and hire an assistant to help her keep up with the all the work generated by LegalMatch."

Q & A: LegalMatch Executives Red Herring

"Couples who meet via eHarmony can hit the wrong note and demand a divorce, while Friendster friends can turn enemies and sue each other. That's where LegalMatch comes in."

The Best of the Web LegalMatch a Webby Awards Web Worthy Selection

"To be selected among the best is an incredible achievement worthy of praise -- and perhaps a little bragging."

Useful Web sites and Products for Small-Firm Lawyers Lawyers Weekly USA

"Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn on your computer, review a list of potential clients, and cherry-pick your cases? A company called LegalMatch claims the scenario just described is a reality for the lawyers who subscribe to its service."

LegalMatch gets new lease with Siebel CRM featuring Legalmatch

"These days, LegalMatch is focused on a new set of statistics, related to its new customer relationship management (CRM) system. Since implementing CRM 18 months ago, the company has seen attorney membership grow by 20% a year and consumer visits increase 40%."