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About Philadelphia Business Law Lawyers

What Can a Philadelphia Business Lawyer Do for You?
Business lawyers primarily specialize in providing legal advice and direction to business owners, whether small businesses or large corporations. These attorneys provide advice and information regarding the following topics:

  • Taxes and associated issues;
  • Business licensure;
  • Adherence to differing state business laws; and
  • Intellectual property, and associated rights and issues.

These are just a few examples of what a business lawyer can do for you. Business lawyers handle many aspects of business law, depending on the needs of their client. However, their main objective is to safeguard their client’s business reputation, as well as their assets.

A Philadelphia business lawyer can help you in all stages of any legal issue you may be facing. This includes prevention, navigation, and resolution. Additionally, they can assist you at any stage of your business career. Finally, should you need to dissolve or disband your business, a business lawyer can ensure you do so legally.

How Much Does a Philadelphia Business Lawyer Cost?
Business lawyers generally work on an hourly fee basis. As of 2020, a Philadelphia business lawyer could cost from $150 per hour, to $325 per hour. The differences in price are generally based on the attorney’s experience and how much work your case will require. 

Additionally, geographical location will influence how much a business lawyer may cost. An example of this would be how business attorneys in larger cities, such as Los Angeles, are likely to charge hourly fees exceeding $1,000 per hour.

Alternatively, many business lawyers work on a flat fee basis. This is especially true when the attorney is confident in the amount of time and work a case may require, so they feel comfortable charging one flat fee. A Philadelphia business lawyer operating on a flat fee basis may charge between $500 and $2,000. Again, these figures can vary, and are based on the amount of work a case may need.

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