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About Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers

What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do for You?
Immigration lawyers primarily provide legal advice and professional guidance related to immigration and associated issues. Some examples of such topics include, but may not be limited to:

  • Visa applications;
  • Green Cards;
  • Citizenship and naturalization;
  • Deportation; and
  • Non-citizen employment.

Generally speaking, an immigration lawyer will be spending most of their time helping their clients who are facing difficulties related to immigration requirements, as well as their immigration status.

Immigration lawyers do not necessarily spend much time litigating civil disputes. Rather, an immigration attorney focuses on acting as a sort of mediator between their clients and immigration authorities. An example of one such authority would be the USCIS, or, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Should a client experience any issues resulting in an immigration hearing, an immigration lawyer will appear before the immigration judge on their behalf. It is not uncommon for immigration attorneys to also assist in resolving matters that involve immigration and criminal law.

How Much Does a Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer Cost?
It is important to remember that how much an attorney will cost can vary greatly, and is dependent upon multiple factors. Location, experience, and area of expertise are just a few examples of such factors. Additionally, estimated costs can change annually.

Generally, a person seeking a Philadelphia immigration lawyer should expect to pay between $150 and $300 per hour. Initial consultations may be free, but can range between $75 and $150 for half an hour. Filing basic immigration forms will generally cost between $250 and $800. Green card assistance is significantly more expensive, starting at $800 and topping out at $5,000. Finally, it is important to consider USCIS fees which range anywhere from $400 to $700.

A national average for an immigration lawyer would be $500-$1,010. It is also common for immigration attorneys to work on a retainer basis, which means they will most likely request a specific amount of money upfront.

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