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About San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do for You?
A San Antonio immigration lawyer may provide a number of services that can help make an immigration-related matter much less complicated for their clients. Some common examples of legal services that an immigration lawyer may offer include:

  • Guiding a lawful permanent resident through the process to obtain U.S. citizenship;
  • Handling matters that affect an immigrant or nonimmigrant family member;
  • Accompanying a client to their interview with an immigration officer;
  • Helping a client understand  file an immigration document application; and
  • Representing a client before an immigration court. 

The examples in the above list are by no means exhaustive. Instead, they are meant to give individuals debating whether to hire an immigration lawyer a better idea of what these types of lawyers do. However, it is strongly recommended that an individual discuss their matter further with a lawyer before hiring them since not every immigration lawyer may offer all of these immigration services.    

How Much Does a San Antonio Immigration Lawyer Cost?
An immigration lawyer in San Antonio can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the types of services that a lawyer is being hired to perform. For example, some lawyers may set a flat fee for certain immigration documents, such as visas. 

When a client is hiring a San Antonio immigration lawyer to represent them in court, however, they will likely charge the client using an hourly rate. The standard hourly rates for hiring an immigration lawyer to represent a person in immigration court can range from $400 for a less experienced lawyer to upwards of $1,500 or more.

Some other factors that can affect how much a San Antonio immigration lawyer may cost include:

  • How long it takes to resolve the immigration issue in question;
  • Whether the lawyer works for a small or large firm; and/or
  • Whether an applicant can negotiate a deal regarding the assigned fee structure.

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