Rating a LegalMatch Lawyer

Why Rate the Lawyer I Hired?

All member lawyers are interviewed by LegalMatch representatives and pre-screened to ensure that they are licensed and in good standing with their state bar association.

"Verified" lawyers have taken several extra steps beyond our standard qualification criteria to prove their superior professional background and firm commitment to serving LegalMatch clients. Specifically, these lawyers have:

  • provided at least 3 professional references;
  • had their profiles reviewed and approved by their LegalMatch account managers and executive committee; and
  • solidified their commitment to serving LegalMatch clients.

In addition to these high standards LegalMatch mentioned above, member lawyers are also held accountable by your ability to rate their services. The LegalMatch five-star rating system allows you to evaluate your lawyer in a number of different areas, including response time, legal knowledge, and price, among others. The rating system also includes a space for you to provide a detailed commentary regarding your lawyer's services. By rewarding a good lawyer with words of encouragement or noting what a lawyer didn't do so well, you'll be helping future clients make an important decision in their lives.

At LegalMatch, the client always comes first. Taking a moment to rate the lawyer you hired is important for a number of reasons:

  • It ensures that potential clients have full access to all the necessary information before they hire a lawyer;
  • It keeps member lawyers accountable for their client services;
  • It encourages client-centered interaction among lawyers;
  • And it allows superior lawyers to distinguish themselves.

The lawyer rating intake process takes less than a minute, it's completely confidential, and it's only used to help clients when they are making a decision to hire a lawyer. So help out a future LegalMatch client and put in your two cents today... they'll thank you for it!

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