Charter schools are an independent educational alternative to traditional public schools. They function under a contract with the state educational system to operate an independent school. However, the charter school must meet certain minimal educational requirements before being granted funds. The No Child Left Behind Act passed in 2001 expressly states that charter schools are a legitimate alternative to parents if their current school is under corrective action or improvement.

Are Charter Schools Held Accountable under NCLB?

Charter schools must meet the minimal requirements of NCLB. Therefore, charter schools must provide qualified teachers; use proven methods of teaching, etc. However, because charter schools operate independently from larger school districts they are able to adapt to new technologies and academic programs more quickly.

How are Charter Schools Funded?

Charter schools operate by private and public funding. The United States Department of Education regularly awards grants to operate charter schools. Potential charter schools must provide a plan of design and clear objectives for its students. If the charter school maintains educational standards, they may continue to receive federal funding.

Do Charter Schools Provide Transportation?

School districts are required to use federal funds to pay for students that wish to transfer to a charter school. The purpose of the NCLB Act is to ensure educational alternatives to schools that are in corrective action. However, transportation is only required if the charter school is located in the same educational district as the student was previously located.

Are Charter Schools a Better Alternative?

Charter schools have many positive elements that include smaller class sizes and better parental involvement. However, each parent should visit a potential charter school and ask to see its educational plan and objectives. Charter schools might not have an educational plan that fits your child’s needs.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

An experienced government attorney can help assist parents if they are having problems with school districts that are unwilling to provide services to transfer to charter schools. In addition, experienced attorneys can help to ensure that potential charter schools receive adequate funding from federal resources given to states.