Description – Chloroform is a colorless liquid with a pleasing odor and a semi-sweet taste.  It was once used as an analgesic before surgery, but today is used to make other chemicals and in resins, plastics and refrigerants.  Exposure to chloroform can occur through breathing contaminated air or through contact with soil or drinking water that has chloroform in it.

Risks – Short-term exposure to chloroform through inhalation can irritate the nose and throat leading to dizziness, irregular heartbeats, confusions and nausea.  Physical contact may result in burning and irritation of the skin and eyes.  Long-term exposure can lead to cancer of the thyroid, kidney and liver, and has been shown to damage a developing fetus.

If you believe you or your child has become ill because of Chloroform exposure you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. An experienced class action attorney can help you determine who is responsible for your exposure to Chloroform, and get proper compensation for your injuries.