Federal safety standards now require all cars to be equipped with airbags. In addition to saving lives, airbags can help prevent serious injury, especially if used in combination with a seatbelt. While airbags are intended to protect against injuries from automobile accidents, sometimes they end up causing injuries and in rare cases even death.

What’s the Problem with Airbags?

There are several possible reasons why airbag injuries occur. Some of these reasons have to do with not taking proper precautions. For example, airbag injuries often occur if you sit too close to the steering wheel (within 10 inches). Other reasons are related to the product being defective.

How Can an Airbag Be Defective?

There are a variety of ways in which an airbag can be defective. There can be problems in the manufacturer’s design of the airbag, the production of the airbag, and the installation of the airbag. If you are injured by an airbag and it is a defective airbag, you may be able to sue the manufacturer for damages you suffered.

Examples of Defective Airbags

Sometimes, it is obvious that your airbag was defective. Other times it is harder to tell. Some examples of situations in which an airbag is defective include when an airbag:

  • Deploys with too much force
  • Deploys too slowly
  • Deploys at the wrong angle
  • Deployed unnecessarily in a minor accident
  • Did not deploy when necessary
  • Made of dangerous materials, which is the case with Takata brand airbags

I’ve Suffered an Airbag Injury, Do I Need a Lawyer?

Anytime you are involved in an automobile accident you should contact an auto lawyer as soon as possible. Airbags are considered an automotive product and if the airbag was defective you may be able to bring an automotive products liability case. These cases can be very complicated and an experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights and the available remedies.