Drain cleaners are harsh chemicals used to dissolve any matter that happens to be clogging your pipes.  The two forms of drain cleaner, sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, can dissolve most matter within seconds of exposure.

Common Injuries from Drain Cleaners

Because of the chemical nature of drain cleaners, eye injuries are common as well as skin exposure.  Clothing offers no protection since cleaners can instantly dissolve cloth.  The slightest skin exposure can cause severe injuries; even a splash in the eye can cause permanent blindness.  Exposure often occurs because of explosions caused by chemical reactions.  Moisture, heat or aluminum mixed with drain cleaners can create explosions.  The mixing of chemicals can be mixed days apart and still cause a chemical reaction.  For example, if you poured drain cleaner in the shower to speed up drainage and poured in a different brand days later because the blockage was still there this may cause a chemical reaction.

What You Should Do if Injured?

If you have suffered injuries from the use of a drain cleaner, consult a physician immediately if you have not already done so.  Contacting a class action attorney specializing in toxic torts will help preserve your legal rights and your ability to recover for your injuries.