“Fall hazard” is a term used in product liability law to describe products that pose a risk of falling for the user or consumer. These are often products that involve the user sitting or riding on the product, placing them at an elevated height above the ground. Or, it can refer to hazards and risks that interfere with the person’s walking, running, moving, or standing.

Products that create fall hazards can pose risks of serious injury. These injuries can include:

  • Head and neck injuries;
  • Back and spine injuries, as well as spine injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Joint injuries; and/or
  • Various other injuries.

In some cases, many persons can be injured from a fall hazard issue. An example of this is where a bench or row of chairs collapses with many people sitting on it.

What are Some Products Commonly Associated with Fall Hazards?

Certain products are more associated with fall hazards than others. As mentioned, these typically include products that involve sitting, riding, or elevation:

Thus, many different types of products can involve fall hazards. Fall hazards can also result from products that have defects with supporting structures, pegs, stability mechanisms, and other aspects of the product.

It is also worth noting that the term “fall hazard” as used in product liability cases doesn’t usually include products that fall onto a person (such as in a furniture tip-over case). Instead, the term usually involves cases where a product is supporting the weight of a person, and then fails, causing them to fall.

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Are There any Legal Remedies for Fall Hazard Claims?

Products that create actual fall injuries can be the subject of a lawsuit. These will often involve legal theories such as design defects, warning defects, or manufacturing defects.

These can result in a lawsuit, where the injured party or parties are issued a compensatory damages award for their losses. These damages will typically cover losses such as medical expenses, hospital bills, any property damage, and other costs.

Some fall hazard issues can create a product recall for products that create safety risks for large sectors of the consumer population. Class action lawsuits can also be involved as well.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Assistance with a Fall Hazard Lawsuit?

Products that create fall hazards can pose significant risks and injuries to consumers. You may need to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need assistance with a product liability claim. Your attorney can provide you with legal research and guidance for your claim. Also, if you need to file with the court, your attorney can provide representation for you as well.