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 Women in Prison

Over the past several years the rate of women in prisons has dramatically increased. Statistics show that most female prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, such as drug abuse and prostitution. Often, female prisoners have a greater need for physical and mental support than male prisoners. Many female prisoners are mothers, victims of domestic abuse, or drug addicts, all of which make female prisoners very susceptible to depression and other mental illnesses. Unfortunately, the facilities housing female prisoners are often less equipped than the prisons housing males.

What Types of Civil Rights Abuses Occur in Female Prisons?

It is important to remember that all people have civil rights, and just because an individual is incarcerated does not mean they lose their basic civil rights. Civil rights abuses that occur in prisons include:

  • Sexual harassment or assault of female prisoners by prison guards, employees, or officers
  • Inadequate medical or mental health treatment of prisoners
  • Keeping prisoners in unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • Denying prisoners their right to contest the treatment they receive and the conditions in which they are kept

How Can a Lawyer Help?

If you are incarcerated and think your rights have been violated, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you file a complaint. A criminal defense lawyer also can represent you in court if necessary.

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