Finances play an active role in your daily life whether you wish to start a new business, buy real estate or decide on how to invest for your retirement.Should you wish to make a large purchase, choosing the right bank or financial institution is very important. Also crucial is addressing credit problems, whether you have mortgages, liens or collections companies calling you. The competency of the financial institution and the quality of your credit are key features for personal and business financial matters.

Many companies offer a variety of insurances, in the event that you wish to protect your investments. Insurance companies insure anything from your car, house or business, to your life and health.

Individuals attempt to enhance their financial capacity by investing money and minimizing their tax liability. Often people invest in 401K plans for retirement, or are curious about buying stock in particular public corporations. You should be aware of the legal obligations and risks involved in investments, as well as the potential tax consequences.

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How Do I Determine If the Work Is Copyrighted?

There are many ways to determine if something is copyrighted. You can:

  • Examine the work itself to see if there is a copyright notice on it
  • Search through the records of the Copyright Office
  • Have the Copyright Office perform a search for you

These are just a few of the many possible ways to determine if a work is copyrighted.

The next step in obtaining a license is to obtain the permission of the owner to use the material. The method for obtaining permission can vary with the type of work. Often, there are licensing organizations that either hold the copyrights or represent the copyright holders. You must contact these organizations to obtain a license for works they cover. If you know who the copyright owner is, you can contact him or her directly.

Licensing Agreements

Permission to use a copyrighted work is articulated through a Licensing Agreement. This agreement will include:

  • The scope of the license (what you can use the copyright for)
  • Terms of compensation
  • Length of the agreement
  • Any other rights or limitations you have

Not all license agreements include the same provisions, and each agreement can be easily tailored to suit your needs.

Do I Need a Lawyer to License a Copyright?

Creating a licensing agreement can be complex and difficult. An experienced financial lawyer can help you draft a licensing agreement. An IP attorney can also represent you in court if you have a copyright dispute.

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