Over time the ball and socket joint of the hip can erode or weaken. Recent surgeries have been developed to address this particular type of physical issue. These surgeries can range from a refinishing of the hip bone surfaces to a complete replacement of the ball and socket joint. Newer hip implant techniques use metal-on-metal devices to simulate the hip joint. 

While hip implant surgeries can be very efficient and effective, recent surges of hip implant injury lawsuits have arisen, especially with metal hip implants. This may be due to the novelty of the medical device technology and a lack of long-term testing on such procedures. Also, some hip implant technologies have been found to be defective, causing injury to patients soon after the procedure is completed.

What Are Some Types of Hip Implant Defects?

Some recently discovered hip implant defects may include:

  • Erosion of parts
  • Problems with the metals entering the blood stream
  • Interference with proper blood flow to muscles
  • Improper alignment of joints or artificial joint parts

These types of metal hip implant defects can lead to various injuries, including pain in the joints and lower back, constriction of the upper thigh muscles, and improper spine alignment. Of particular concern are blood-related injuries due to the metal materials entering the blood stream. 

Can I Recover Damages for Hip Implant Defects?

Injuries from metal hip implant defects may be addressed in a court of law. Hip implant defect lawsuits have already been filed, allowing some persons to obtain a damages award for their injuries. In some cases, this will cover costs such as hospital bills, costs of prescription medicines, and other related losses such as lost wages (for instance, if the injuries cause the person to miss work).

Other remedies may include a full refund of the product, and reimbursement for the cost of future surgeries. The laws covering damages awards in such cases may vary from state to state.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Hip Implant Defect Claims?

Hip implants can be helpful for many people, but they do have their own risks. You may wish to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area if you need to file a claim in connection with a hip implant. Your attorney can advise you on how to proceed with filing a lawsuit, and can provide quality representation during court hearings.