In recent years, hip recall lawsuits, such as those done by the FDA, have been filed due to defective hip implant or hip repair surgeries.  Newer technologies have allowed for the installation of artificial hips joints, which sometimes involve various metals and different materials. These may involve a total replacement of the hip joint, or an artificial repair of the socket.  Some hip implants or hip replacement surgeries use technology that has not been subject to long-term research.

As a result, some patients are reporting various symptoms and filing lawsuits after having a hip implant surgery.  Some symptoms can take time to manifest, while others become immediately noticeable in a short period of time.  Manufacturers of such implants and medical devices have thus recalled certain hip devices, especially metal hip implants.

What are Some Types of Injuries Associated With Hip Implants?

Some common types of injuries associated with hip implants or hip replacements may include:

  • Persistent pain in the hips or legs
  • Pain or discomfort radiating from the hips to other areas of the body (especially the lower back)
  • “Dead” muscles in the upper thigh (stiff, rope-like feel to the muscles
  • Blood contamination such as cobalt toxicity (from the metal used in the implants)

Some common hip recalls involve Sulzer, Stryker, or Zimmer products.  One should take caution when considering whether a hip implant procedure is right for them.

What are Some Legal Remedies Involved in a Hip Recall Lawsuit?

In most cases, the legal remedy for hip implant injuries is a monetary damages award.  This will reimburse the plaintiff for additional costs and expenses associated with the faulty product.  Note that some states may place limits on the amount of damages that can be recovered in medical device lawsuits.

Additionally, the company that manufactured the product may be required to make a recall of their product and similar products (hence the term, “hip recall lawsuit”).

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Hip Recall Lawsuit?

Hip recall lawsuits are fairly specific claims, and often require the assistance of a legal professional.  You may wish to hire a qualified defective products lawyer if you need to file a hip recall lawsuit.  Your attorney can assist you in the process of formulating a legal theory and in calculating damages.  Also, your lawyer will be able to represent you during the actual court proceedings.