Hoverboards are electronically-powered devices similar to Segways, except that there are no handlebars. They are sometimes called by other names, such as electronic skateboards or electric skateboards. In addition to fall-related injuries, many users are experiencing instances of spontaneous fires in relation to the hoverboards.

In many cases, hoverboard fires have occurred while the hoverboard was plugged into the wall for the purpose of charging the battery. Sometimes, the fire is attributed to a non-standard battery replacement or a faulty battery. In other instances, hoverboards have been known to spontaneously combust during actual usage. These can present some very dangerous situations to the users and owners of such devices.

What Are Some Common Legal Issues Associated with Hoverboard Fires?

Hoverboard fires have been associated with various types of legal issues. These include:

What If I Have Been Injured by a Hoverboard Fire?

Injuries due to a hoverboard fire can be very serious. As mentioned, such fires can also cause extensive damage to property, as the devices are commonly charged indoors in a bedroom or similar location. Injuries and damages related to a hoverboard fire may require legal action to resolve.

These types of claims can result in damages awards for the plaintiff. These can provide compensation for expenses such as medical costs and other losses. Also, the liable party, who is usually the manufacturer, may be responsible for various types of property damage expenses. A class action lawsuit may result in cases where large numbers of consumers have all been affected by the same brand of hoverboard.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Hoverboard Fire Legal Issues?

Hoverboard fires and other types of related injuries can be serious and can also involve some complex personal injury laws. You may need to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need legal representation regarding a hoverboard fire. Your lawyer can provide you with legal advice and guidance for your claim. Hoverboards are newer products, and state laws may vary regarding their regulation. However, your attorney can perform in-depth research and can also guide you through the court process to help you obtain the appropriate legal remedies.