A contract is an agreement between two parties to do something or refrain from doing something. Some contracts are enforceable. Contracts that involve illegal activity such as a contract killing isn’t enforceable.

What Is a Contract Killing?

A contract killing is a murder-for-hire plot between two or more parties. It is considered an organized crime because one party hires another to kill a targeted person or group of individuals. In turn for killing the person, the party often receives something of value such as money.

Can I Sue the Other Person if He Doesn’t Follow Through With the Murder-for-Hire?

No. The contract isn’t enforceable. Therefore, a party can’t sue in civil court to recoup anything of value given to the party who was hired to kill the targeted individual.

Is a Murder-for-Hire a Contract Dispute or Criminal Activity?

It’s considered a criminal activity. In state and federal jurisdictions, it’s illegal to make an agreement with a party to kill someone. Whoever travels to or causes a target victim to travel across state lines with the intent to commit murder is guilty.

Can I be Arrested For a Contract Killing If Hired Someone, But Didn’t Participate?

Yes. An individual can be arrested for making a contact to kill someone. The exact charge depends on the progression of the murder-for-hire plot. For example, a defendant who makes a contract to kill can be arrested for murder. Murder is the killing of another done with malice. Making a deal with someone to kill a third person is usually evidence of premeditation, which is considered malice.

Is a Murder-for-Hire Considered Criminal Conspiracy?

Murder-for-hire does involve criminal conspiracy. Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a criminal act. The act may be murder or some sort of crime.

Should I Talk to an Attorney If I am Charged with a Contract Killing?

Definitely talk to a contract attorney if accused of a murder-for-hire plot. This is a very serious charge which could result in prison time.