Knee surgeries are medical procedures that are intended to correct or realign a knee after it has been subject to an injury. They may also involve replacing part or all of the knee with a knee implant such as a Zimmer Persona implant. These surgeries can often be quite major and can involve extensive medical techniques and procedures. This type of surgery frequently focuses on major parts of the knee, such as the ACL. Knee injuries can be particularly debilitating and can often require the person to be off of their feet for many weeks. This can have effects in other areas of life, such as working, driving, attending school, and doing activities or chores at home.

When Is Compensation for Knee Surgery Available?

Compensation for knee surgery may sometimes be available in situations involving:

Generally, compensation for knee surgeries is awarded if the other party is found to be liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. This may require proof of causation, which in turn may require extensive evidence. Legal compensation may cover medical costs, lost wages, and other financial costs.

When Is Compensation Unavailable?

Compensation for knee surgery and other similar procedures may not be available in certain situations. These may include:

  • Damages are not covered by state laws, or are limited to a certain amount
  • The plaintiff contributed to their own injury
  • It is difficult to measure the plaintiff’s injuries
  • There are issues with insurance, contracts, and other agreements

Disputes over damages and compensations can sometimes arise during a trial or legal claim. In such cases, the testimony of an expert medical witness may be needed to help determine damages and compensation.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Knee Surgery Compensation?

Obtaining compensation for knee surgery is not an automatic procedure. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer for assistance if you need to file for damages. A qualified attorney in your area can help process your claim and can explain how the laws in your area may affect your case.