Cosmo Jumps are inflatable, balloon type amusement devices.  They consist of two chambers, the lower one providing a soft, flexible cushion for bouncing.  The  upper chamber, when inflated, has soft walls which provide the room for bouncing.  Cosmo Jumps contain no ridgid external framework, only nylon ropes which attach it to the ground.  Although these devices contain only soft, flexible surfaces so there is no obvious danger of injury, they fail to eliminate the hidden dangers inherent in landing improperly.

Is The Manufacturer Or Supplier Of The Cosmo Jump Liable For Injuries?

In general, a manufacturer’s or supplier’s liability to a person injured by a product may be predicated on three theories of liability: negligence, breach of express or implied warranty, and strict liability in tort.  Additionally, the manufacturer or supplier of a Cosmo Jump may be liable for failure to warn of dangerous conditions.  Manufacturers and suppliers have a duty to warn of dangers arising from negligent design or negligent manufacture, as well as adequate warning of dangers inherent in the foreseeable use of a product that is free of design and manufacturing defects.

For example, a woman was able to recover for negligence when she was injured in a Cosmo Jump called the "moonwalk."  Her injury occurred soon after she got on the device when she landed on her backside and "couldn’t get up."  There were no posted signs or instructions, and she had only been instructed to take off her shoes, remove all sharp objects from her pockets, and not to bounce within 5 feet of others.

Should I Consult An Attorney Regarding Injuries In Cosmo Jumps?

If you or your child was injured in a Cosmo Jump, you should contact an attorney immediately.  A personal injury attorney can help prove your case and assert your right to recover damages for your injuries.