Skydiving, Parachuting, and Parasailing are highly dangerous activities that should be undertaken with extreme care and caution. However, even with proper measures these activities can result in serious bodily injury or death. This section provides some tips before engaging in the above activities and also informs you of options in the event of an injury.

How Can I Legally Protect Myself While Skydiving, Parachuting, or Parasailing?

Like trying anything for the first time, it is good to be informed. Here are some helpful hints before signing up for a skydiving, parachuting or parasailing experience:

  • Visit the association websites of the activity you would like to participate in.  Most of these sites recommend particular companies that follow safety standards.
  • Ask questions and try to discover the experience level and safety record of the company that you plan on using.
  • Express that you don’t want to proceed unless the wind conditions are suitable to the activity.
  • Determine the type of insurance and coverage for both the recreation company and yourself.
  • Look into any government regulations, provisions, or enactments that deal with the activity.
  • If there is a release agreement, make sure to read the agreement thoroughly and understand the agreement before signing.

Who Can I Sue If I Am Injured?

If you are injured while skydiving, parachuting, or parasailing, you may be able to sue any of the following: 

  • Recreation company
  • Training center
  • Instructor
  • Manufacturer of the products used
  • Retailer of the products used
  • Owner of the land the activity is being conducted on

For each, the lawsuit will probably be based on negligence and your success will depend upon the duty of care the particular party owed to the injured party. 

Generally, Courts have found liability only against the training center or instructor. Liability against these parties, however, will often be determined by whether there was a signed release agreement

Will I Need a Lawyer?

Liability for any highly dangerous activities is complex and will vary depending on the circumstances and the state law. Seeking out a personal injury attorney will help you to determine whether or not you may be able to recover for your personal injuries.