Litargirio is product often used as a burn remedy, a deodorant, and foot powder among the Spanish speaking community.  Litargirio has no proven medicinal qualities.  This peach colored powder is often manufactured in Mexico or the Dominican Republic and contains about 80% lead.

What are the Adverse Side Effects of Litargirio?

Because of the high lead content, Litargirio is extremely dangerous.  Learning disabilities, motor skill problems and impaired hearing are typical of symptoms of prolonged lead exposure.  The effects of lead exposure on children bring some of the most severe symptoms, while adults often sustain damage to their stomach, kidneys and brain.

What is the Status of Litargirio?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently learned about Litargirio?s existence and has put warnings out to stop its use.

If you have used Litargirio, please consult your doctor immediately for lead testing.  You may also wish to contact an experienced class action attorney to help you recover damages for your injuries.