Mesothelioma is a disease caused by exposure to high levels of asbestos. The disease occurs when cells that protect the organs of a person’s body begin to spread to other parts of the body and cause damage to tissues and organs.  

What Are the Symptoms of Mesothelioma?

The symptoms of mesothelioma can be deceptive but serious. These symptoms can include shortness of breath, weight loss and abdominal pain. Many individuals with mesothelioma don’t detect there symptoms until many years after being exposed to asbestos. 

Who Is at Risk for Mesothelioma?

There are many individuals that run a risk of being exposed to asbestos. These occupations include mining, construction, mill workers and demolition workers, among others. Anyone that has been exposed to high concentrations of asbestos could be at risk. 

How Do I Determine If I’ve Been Exposed to High Amounts of Asbestos?

This is a delicate question and there are many factors. These factors include: 

  • The length of exposure to asbestos
  • The concentration of asbestos
  • Whether your employer took any preventative measures, such as breathing devices

Can I Still File a Claim Even If the Statute of Limitations has Run Out?

Most individual’s symptoms don’t arise until many years after being exposed to asbestos. By then, the statute of limitations often has already expired.  But most states don’t start counting the statute of limitations until you discover that you’re ill. So, if you’ve discovered that you have mesothelioma recently you still may be able to bring a cause of action. 

What Type of Compensation Can I Expect?

A person that has mesothelioma can be compensated in a variety of ways. These include: 

  • Damages for past and future medical care
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Damages for emotional trauma
  • Punitive damages

Should I Consult an Attorney about My Mesothelioma Claim?

If you believe you have mesothelioma you should contact a doctor immediately. Furthermore, if you feel your symptoms have been caused by exposure to asbestos, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you sue for damages.