Microwave accidents can happen when a microwave oven malfunctions, usually causing some sort of fire hazard or risk of explosion. Microwave injuries and accidents may be attributed to several factors, which can include:

  • Parts overheating (can lead to burns and fires)
  • Issues with the electric wiring or electric components of the microwave (can result in electric shock hazards)
  • Internal “arcing” or sparking (usually due to defective wave covers); can result in combustion of items inside the oven, including plastic

Microwave accidents and injuries can be serious and may lead to burns, scarring, disfigurement, and other conditions. Also, microwave accidents may cause serious property damage as well.

Who May Be Held Liable for a Microwave Accident?

In most cases, liability for a microwave accident or microwave injury may be traced to the manufacturer of the product. Thus legal action may be filed under a product liability theory. In many instances, the product may be defective due to a design flaw or some issue with the way the product was manufactured.

In some cases, a product recall may be issued; however, if a consumer or many consumers have already been injured, legal action may be appropriate.

What are the Legal Remedies for a Microwave Accident?

As mentioned, microwave accidents can be very serious, and can lead to serious injuries and permanent conditions. Legal remedies in such instances will typically involve some form of monetary damages award. While state laws may vary in damages in a personal injury case, the award will usually compensate the injured party for losses such as medical bills, hospital expenses, lost wages, and other costs.

Also, the damages may also be calculated to include any property damage caused by the microwave accident. In some cases, this can be a significant amount, especially if there is a building fire involved. Lastly, some injury cases may be filed as a class action suit if many different consumers were injured or affected by the same defective microwave product.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney if I Need Help with a Microwave Accident Claim?

Microwave injuries can be very serious and may require the assistance of a lawyer to help resolve any legal issues or disputes. It may be in your best interests to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need any guidance or direction for a microwave accident claim. Your attorney can provide you with services such as legal research, advice, and assistance with any paperwork or filing matters. Also, your lawyer can be on hand to direct and represent you during any important court meetings or hearings during the process.