Museums are places where people go to view art. However, museums are also places where visitors can suffer injuries.

What Duties Does a Museum Have?

A museum must exercise reasonable care to see that the museum and the outside of the museum are reasonably safe. The museum must warn visitors of hidden dangers to protect them from injury. A museum must guard against hazardous conditions if it has reason to believe they cause injuries. Otherwise, there is negligence. Common injuries include slip and fall accidents and injuries from crowding.

What Might Show Negligence by the Museum?

To be negligent, the museum must know, or should have known, about the thing that caused the injury, or the thing must be inherently dangerous. Some common factors that suggest negligence include:

There are not enough guards, attendants, supervisors, or personnel to supervise the museum.

  • No one inspects and maintains the museum.
  • Things are arranged in a dangerous way. For example, a sculpture with sharp points is placed where people can collide with it.

Should I Contact a Lawyer if I Have Been Injured at a Museum?

If you have been hurt or injured during a visit to museum and want to assess the viability of your claim, the advice of a personal injury lawyer can be extremely helpful. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you investigate your injury and recover damages.