Conspiracy is an inchoate crime. This means the crime did not occur, but the person worked with another person in planning to commit the crime. Attempt is another inchoate crime, which occurs when a person takes a substantial step toward committing a crime. In Nevada, it is illegal to attempt or conspire to cheat at gambling. Cheating on gambling is altering a game of chance into someone’s favor by doing such things as using a cheating device.

What Is Conspiracy to Cheat?

Conspiracy to cheat is the agreement between two or more people to work together to illegally alter a game of chance to increase the odds in their favor.

What Is Attempt to Cheat?

Attempt to cheat is taking the substantial step toward cheating on gambling with the intent to successfully cheat.

What Types of Activities Are Included Under Conspiracy or Attempt to Cheat at Gambling?

Under the law prohibiting conspiracy or an attempt to cheat at gambling, a person can be accused of conspiring or attempting to:

  • Cheat at gambling
  • Commit gambling fraud
  • Use counterfeit chips
  • Use a cheating device
  • Teach another to cheat at gambling
  • Sell equipment used for cheating in gambling

What Type of Crime Are Conspiracy or Attempt to Cheat at Gambling?

Attempt and conspiracy to cheat at gambling are both a category B felony. This category of felony is punishable by:

  • $10,000 fine
  • One to six years in state prison
  • Both a fine and prison time

For a first offense, probation is possible in lieu of prison time.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Legal representation is an essential part of any good defense strategy when you are facing a felony charge. Contact a Nevada criminal lawyer immediately to determine your legal rights and possible defenses.