In Nevada, cheating at gambling is doing anything to alter the game of chance in a person’s favor. That ranges from altering the frequency of payouts to changing the game itself. Cheating at gambling in Nevada is a category B felony. Another type of gambling crime in Nevada is gambling fraud.

What Is Gambling Fraud?

Gambling fraud is the illegal act of trying to deceive a person or organization through a false representation of a fact about gambling. The deception causes the victim to rely on false information with regard to a game of chance.

How Is Gambling Fraud Defined in Nevada?

According to Nevada criminal law, there are eight ways gambling fraud can occur. The person accused of the crime:

  1. Misrepresents or alters the outcome of an event or game where people have wagered, but the final result has not been revealed
  2. Places a bet, decreases a bet, or increases a bet based on some inside information received that was not given to other players
  3. Claims winnings on a bet they did not make or a bet that they did make where they collect more money than they actually won
  4. Induces or knows an individual to go to a Nevada casino to cheat at gambling. It is the person who convinces another to commit the crime who is arrested for gambling fraud.
  5. Places a bet after knowing the game’s outcome. This crime includes activities such as pressing bets and past-posting which are used in roulette or card games.
  6. Cancels or reduces their bet after finding out a player has either decreased their odds of winning or are losing their bet
  7. Manipulates gaming devices such as slot machines
  8. Bribes someone to convince them to alter the outcome of a sports game

What Is the Punishment for Gambling Fraud in Nevada?

Gambling fraud is a category B felony in Nevada, which is punishable by:

  • One to six years in prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Fine and prison

While a person may be able to be granted probation in lieu of a prison sentence for their first conviction, they are barred from receiving probation for any subsequent convictions.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Legal representation can make a huge difference in what kind of sentence you receive, such as whether you are assigned prison time or probation, when you are facing a felony criminal charge. Thus, it is vital to have a Nevada fraud lawyer to represent you against gambling fraud charges.