Counterfeit goods are generally low-quality items designed and manufactured to appear like the original product. This involves making the item just like the original, authentic item by using unauthorized logos, goods, trademarks, and labels. Nevada makes it illegal to use  counterfeit chips in gambling organizations.

What Is Cheating at Gambling in Nevada?

The state considers cheating at gambling the unlawful altering of a gambling outcome, amount of money collected, or value of the wager. This can be achieved by using items such as a cheating device or counterfeit chips.

Does Nevada Consider Using Counterfeit Casino Chips Cheating at Gambling?

Yes, any use of counterfeit chips while gambling is considered a form of cheating. Using counterfeit chips refers to using any type of counterfeit chips, counterfeit debt instruments, or other counterfeit wagering instruments. The use of these items is a category B felony in Nevada. Additionally, Nevada includes the illegal acts of manufacturing or possessing counterfeit casino chips as “using” them.

Will I Be Charged If I Used Game Tokens Instead?

Yes. Nevada’s definition of counterfeit casino chips includes counterfeit versions of:

  • Actual casino chips
  • Game tokens
  • Wagering credits
  • Any other type of wagering instruments used in a casino

Is Using a Cheating Device the Same Crime as Using Counterfeit Chips?

No. They are separate crimes. Using a cheating device is the unlawful act of using an instrument to alter the game outcome, analyze the casino game, or increase the probability of winning.

What Is the Possible Prison Time for Using Counterfeit Chips?

Since the crime is a category B felony, a person convicted of this crime may receive a sentence of:

  • One to six years in prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Fine and prison time

Can I Receive Probation Instead of Prison?

Yes, but only for a first-time offense. A judge can suspend the prison sentence and order probation instead.

Is It Best to Contact an Attorney About My Charge?

If you are face a criminal charge for using counterfeit chips, an attorney can help you understand your rights and defend yourself in court. You should contact a Nevada criminal attorney about fighting your use of counterfeit chips charge.