A parenting agreement is an agreement that is part of the divorce negotiations. In addition to all the property related aspects of divorce, if you have children, an important part is figuring out how custody will work between you and your spouse. This plan will be vital in determining how much time you will get to spend with you kids.

Of What Relevance is a Parenting Agreement to Me?

A parenting agreement will give you a clear sense of what arrangements you have with you former spouse regarding your kids. It will also give you a sense of how much control you have over your children’s life. To make life easier on everyone you will want to create a workable parenting plan with your child’s other parent.

What Type of Information Do I Need for a Parenting Agreement?

A little bit of organization will go a long way in helping you form a smart parenting agreement. You will need to review all documents before you and your spouse attempt to make one up (sometimes with the assistance of the court or other legal professionals). The following is a list of documents you will want to consider before making an agreement: 

  • Court documents you have filed or received, such as a summons, petitions, complaints, responses, answers, declarations, or affidavit correspondence
  • Any document from an attorney, counselor, mediator, or court official regarding a separation, divorce, paternity, child support, custody or visitation court orders
  • Any document regarding a legal separation, divorce, paternity declaration or award of custody previously mediated, arbitrated or negotiated
  • Reports, letters or evaluations from school officials, counselors, therapists or others who have an insight into your children

Do I Need an Attorney to Assist Me with a Parenting Agreement?

Although you probably could gather the necessary information and negotiate a parenting agreement as part of a divorce on your own, it is always a good idea to have a good divorce lawyer on hand to make sure that you don’t miss something. You want to get maximum benefit out of a divorce and not having one could cost you more than the fee for the attorney.