Pet insurance provides coverage for medical expenses for domestic pets. It can be purchased through veterinarians or through their companies. A well-loved pet may require medical care that could be very expensive in the event of an accident or a serious health problem. Some policies cover only accident-related injuries while others cover both accident and illness care.

What Kinds of Animals Might Be Covered by Pet Insurance?

Dogs and cats are the most typical animals that are covered, but some companies offer coverage for other types of pets such as exotic animals. Some plans may not start coverage on pets if they are past a certain age. Also, the cost is likely to be higher for older pets.

How Do I Make a Claim under My Pet Insurance?

You may need to make an insurance claim through the company or your veterinarian. Your policy and plan description should inform you what needs to be done.

Do I Need an Attorney If I Have a Pet Insurance Dispute?

You can obtain pet insurance without an attorney. Most insurance companies only require you to complete a form about your pet and pay the insurance premiums. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay for a qualified medical procedure on your pet, you may have a bad faith claim against the insurance company and need an attorney. An experienced insurance lawyer will be able to review the facts of your case and help you decide whether a lawsuit is warranted.