Pharming is a specific type of identity theft crime that involves websites and online internet fraud. In a pharming scam, a hacker may tamper with a website so that it reroutes to a fraudulent or fake website, whose purpose is to obtain personal information from the victim.

For instance, the website may be rerouted to a page that requests the person’s social security number, date of birth, and other information. It may contain a message that states that the person cannot continue unless they provide the information. Once the hacker gets a hold of the information, they might then use it to perpetrate a number of identity theft crimes, such as stealing from bank accounts, using credit cards, and other violations.

Are There Legal Consequences to Pharming?

Yes. As with many other types of white collar crimes, pharming can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. The defendant may face federal and state criminal charges which can lead to a sentence in jail along with criminal fines.

Also, hacking into a government website or tampering with government pages can often lead to federal felony charges, which are punished very severely. The defendant may also face civil charges from a person who has experienced losses from the pharming scam.

What Other Types of Crimes Are Related to Pharming?

Pharming can also be thought of as a step that leads towards other types of crimes. In particular, theft of virtual or online information is commonly related to pharming. For instance, pharming may be used to begin the initial phases of internet securities fraud. A person’s securities may be compromised if they fall victim to a pharming scheme. This can even affect entire businesses and companies.

Other types of cyber crime can occur, such as bank account hacking, mortgage fraud, and others. Basically, any type of information that is stored online can be affected by pharming plots. Therefore, it’s important that you visit only trusted websites. If you need to supply your information, you should first verify that the site and the company are legitimate and operating legally.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Pharming Lawsuits?

Pharming can occur in many different forms and is constantly evolving as fraudsters find new ways to trap consumers. You may need to hire a fraud lawyer if you need to file a lawsuit or if you need to file a criminal report for pharming. Your attorney can provide representation in court and can advise you on your legal rights and options.