Price-fixing is an illegal activity in most states. Price fixing occurs when a vendor conspires with a competitor to set a price and maintain it within a specific market.

Is the Conformity of Prices Illegal?

Conformity of prices is not illegal provided there was no agreement, oral or written, with any other competitor. For example, where competitors agree to sell their goods or services at a specified price as a for-profit venture they have committed the illegal act of price fixing.

Can I Try to Eliminate the Competition with Low Prices?

It is illegal under most state laws to set a price within a certain area in order to either eliminate competition or create a monopoly. "Below-Sales-Cost" laws are also common in many states preventing businesses from selling goods below cost if they do so with anti-competitive intent.

Do I Need an Antitrust Lawyer?

If you face allegations that you have violated an antitrust statute, immediate legal counsel should be sought. Violations of U.S. antitrust law are serious offenses carrying both civil and criminal penalties. Speaking with the proper business lawyer will inform you of your legal rights as well preserve any possible remedies you may have. If you believe another business violated the antitrust acts and harmed you or your company, you should speak to a lawyer who can properly review your case.