Taxotere is a type of anti-cancer medicine. It is typically administered intravenously (through an IV) about once every 3 weeks. It works by interfering with the spread and growth of cancer cells throughout the body. As with many other cancer medications, Taxotere is associated with certain risks and side effects. These can include:

  • Fluid retention
  • Nausea, confusion, and sudden weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Low blood cells, low platelets, and other similar conditions
  • Liver and kidney problems
  • Other side effects

In addition to these side effects, Taxotere has recently been associated with a very concerning side effect-that of permanent hair loss. Many persons who have been administered the drug are reporting permanent hair loss and similar conditions.

Who Can be Held Liable for Injuries or Condition Resulting from Taxotere Use?

Various parties may be held liable for a Taxotere injury. These typically involve some form of malpractice or negligence. Parties that can be held liable include:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of Taxotere (for instance if there is a defective product on the market)
  • Doctors, physicians, and other persons in charge of the patient’s care
  • Pharmacies and pharmacy personnel (for instance, there if there is a pharmacy errors)

For instance, liability may occur if an error is made with regard to dosages, treatment length, and other factors.

Are There any Legal Remedies for a Taxotere Injury?

Taxotere injuries may require a legal claim or lawsuit for a remedy. Taxotere lawsuits may be complex and can involve a mix of different injuries laws. In most cases, a Taxotere suit can result in a monetary damages award. These awards can compensate the injured party for losses such as medical bills, hospital expenses, and other costs. In cases involving permanent hair loss, it may also be possible to file damages for disfiguration and other similar issues.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with a Taxotere Lawsuit?

Taxotere lawsuits may require the assistance of a lawyer. You may wish to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need assistance with a legal claim. Your attorney can provide you with guidance for your claim and can help you with any questions you might have. If you need to make an appearance in court, your lawyer can provide you with representation during those times as well.