Online pharmacies, or internet pharmacies, are a relatively newer form of dispensing medications to patients.  They usually act as a “go-between” from the doctor to patient, often offering the prescription drugs at a reduced price when compared to hospital pharmacies.  Online pharmacies are generally held to be legal, so long as they follow the various government regulations related to consumer health and safety. 

In some instances, there are online pharmacies that may engage in fraudulent or illegal practices.  These usually involve either overseas companies or sham companies that are set up solely for the purpose of deceiving consumers.  Such types of online pharmacies should be avoided, because the risk of injury can be great when dealing with such companies.

What are Some Tips for Dealing with an Online Pharmacy?

Injuries that result from dealing with an online pharmacy usually occur because the consumer chose to sacrifice the quality and safety of a drug simply to save on costs.  Thus, the most important tip is never to choose a questionable company or drug simply because they offer some savings on medications- the risk of injury is too great.

Some other tips for dealing with an online pharmacy include:

  • Be sure to consult with your own personal physician before dealing with an online pharmacy (your physician may already be involved in the process).
  • Make sure you only use the services of an online pharmacy that is licensed and adheres to the professional and ethical standards of the medical industry.
  • When ordering your medicines online, confirm he street address and phone number of the pharmacy.  This will help ensure that the organization is not a “front” or a cover organization.
  • If possible, take the names of the different contact persons the company who were involved in the transaction.
  • When you receive your medicine, be sure to check that they aren’t expired.  If there is no expiration date, don’t use the product.  You may also wish to check if the product has been subject to a drug recall.
  • Avoid ordering your prescription from an overseas online pharmacy company.  Some of these are subject to international regulations of pharmaceuticals (such as seizure by customs officials at the border).  Many of them sell fake or counterfeit meds

Here’s what you should do if you’ve been injured by a product sold to you through an online pharmacy:

  • Keep all receipts and the unused portion of the medicine that you suspect injured you
  • Make copies of any documents that might be related to the sale of the product, such an order form, shipping invoice, etc.
  • If you haven’t already done so, try to obtain the contact information for all persons that were involved in the transaction, including physicians, secretaries, sales reps, etc.
  • If you’ve been to the hospital already for your injuries, compile all the documents for your expenses, including hospital bills, medicine fees, surgery costs, etc.
  • Speak with a qualified medical professional or a personal injury/malpractice lawyer for advice on how to proceed

Thus, you will want to protect yourself through all means possible whenever dealing with an online pharmacy.  While many of these are legitimate organizations, you should avoid working with suspicious organizations, even if it means spending a little bit more on higher quality services.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help in Dealing With an Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacy companies can actually be of much help in some situations.  However, you should make always take steps to ensure your own health and safety.  If you need legal advice or representation due to an online pharmacy-related injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.  A qualified personal injury attorney in your area can help you file a claim and can represent you during a lawsuit to ensure that you recover your losses.