Statements made to any school official including teachers, principals, and counselors, can be used against you for purposes of suspension or expulsion from school as well as prosecution against your in a juvenile court.

Can I Have My Parents Present During Questioning by School Officials?

If you are being questioned for a potential violation of the law by a school official, you are allowed to have your parents present before any questioning takes place. Additionally, you may also either consult with a lawyer after questioning or retain a lawyer for the questioning.

The same rules apply no matter what the situation is. Any time during questioning or prior to questioning you are entitled to have your parents and an attorney present.

Can School Officials Lie During Questioning?

The same rules apply to school officials as apply to police officers for purposes of questioning someone. They can lie to you to persuade you to incriminate yourself. Because of this potential, it is always a wise idea to request for your parents or a lawyer or both to be present when questioning takes place.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The law regarding education and schools can often be complex and frustrating. A government lawyer can help you understand your school district’s law, and properly evaluate your legal options. If you need to sue your school or proceed through some type of administrative hearing, an attorney would be able to represent your interests at that hearing.