You may be able to avoid serving a prison sentence by participating in a diversionary program instead. Diversionary programs are available to some people convicted of a crime. These programs allow specific offenders to avoid jail and instead complete a rehabilitation program. The goals of these programs are to divert the offender from the criminal justice system and a permanent criminal record. For offenders already in prison, they are not eligible for a diversionary program because they are already in prison. However, they may be eligible to participate in a prison rehabilitation program.

What Are Prison Rehabilitation Programs?

Prison rehabilitation programs are used to help offenders reenter society and live normal lives after prison while helping them to avoid participating in future criminal activity.

Who Offers These Programs?

Many of the rehabilitation programs are offered by religious organizations. Offenders meet at the organizations for counseling and religious teaching. Other rehabilitation programs are offered by social organizations. Social organizations usually help offenders identify work-related skills and train them for employment.

How Else Do Prison Rehabilitation Programs Help Offenders?

Many programs encourage offenders to obtain some basic education to better themselves, so that they will not return to criminal activities to support themselves financially. This includes vocational and literacy training. Another issue these programs assist with is drug and alcohol addiction. For many offenders, addiction to drugs or alcohol is the underlying reason why they ended up in prison. The prison rehabilitation programs help with drug counseling and treatment to help offenders stay away from drugs and crime.

Is Accelerated Rehabilitation a Typical Prison Rehabilitation Program?

No. Accelerated rehabilitation is generally considered a diversionary program. It is offered to some offenders in the state prison system as a second chance to avoid spending a long time in prison. Offenders in this program have their criminal charges dismissed after a one to two years of probation. Most offenders offered this type of rehabilitation do not have a criminal record.

Should I Contact an Attorney about Prison Rehabilitation Programs?

If you want to understand more about prison rehabilitation programs or want to know how to participate in one, contact a criminal lawyer.