There are a few steps you can take immediately after the slip and fall accident that can help protect your rights later on.

First, look at the area where the injury occurred.  What made you fall?  Try to note all of the conditions, even if they do not seem particularly important to you.  Also, get the names of any people were in the vicinity at the time of your injury.  These people may be witnesses to the accident.  Even if they did not actually see you fall, they can describe the conditions which led to your injury.

If your injury occurred in a store or place of business, speak with the manager on duty.  Have them make a record of the incident.  Also, if anyone makes a comment about this sort of incident happening before, or that they “knew this would happen,” be sure to get their name.

Next, go see your doctor.  You want to have your injuries dealt with promptly.  This also provides you with proof that you were actually injured in the accident.

Finally, consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.  An experienced personal injury attorney can review the incident, and let you know what your rights are.  A lawyer can also further investigate the incident, and advise you on the best course of action.